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Internet course: Economic Policies for Poverty Reduction in Developing Countries

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We are organizing the second part of our Economic Literacy for Civil Society Internet course: "Economic Policies for Poverty Reduction in Developing Countries" (18 March to 13 April). The course is based on the teaching materials used in our Fridays Academy series.


The aim of this Internet course is to contribute to a deeper understanding of the areas that impact the lives of the poor. After describing the experience over the past several decades with development aid, which aims to place poor countries on a sustainable long-run sustainable growth path, the course turns to a discussion of external debt and how it became unsustainable in many low-income countries, crippling their growth potential and keeping millions in poverty. The remainder of the course examines four areas that can hinder the movement of the poor out of poverty. These areas—education, health, labor markets and land —are core components of public policy that need to be addressed if poverty is to be tackled effectively.


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Please note that deadline to apply is March 13th.