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World Bank's Annual Review of Development Effectiveness 2006

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The World Bank's Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) launched today its Annual Review of Development Effectiveness 2006: Getting Results.


It assembles evidence around three questions central to poverty reduction:

  • How effectively has economic growth translated into poverty reduction in Bank-assisted countries and what factors have affected these results?

  • What factors have led to high-quality results in areas that deliver services to the poor?
  • What measures help raise the accountability of public institutions responsible for delivering and sustaining these results?

Regarding Growth and Poverty Reduction:

A focus on the nature of growth. Poverty reduction will continue to require a strong focus on growth. To ensure that growth translates efficiently into poverty reduction, however, the countries, the Bank and their partners will need to find effective ways to enhance the ability of the poor to participate in this growth. This will require country-level analysis of the binding constraints to employment creating growth and to growth in regions where the poor may be concentrated, as well as analysis of the factors that hinder the intersectoral mobility of the poor.



From the report:

Some Growth Patterns Reduce Poverty More Effectively than Others

Achieving Poverty Reduction-Growth

Download the report