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Can South Asia End Poverty in a Generation?

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This is the title of a new report recently published by the World Bank's South Asia Region department.


Recent economic growth has led to impressive poverty reduction in South Asia during the past decade. Currently, growth is creating not just more resources but the potential to generate the political space for greater reform. On the one hand, it is breeding greater public demand for addressing urgent challenges; on the other, it gives politicians the opportunity to make tradeoffs through strategic prioritization. The report also argues that growth, and the need for even faster growth, is helping bring South Asia’s key problems to the fore, creating pressures to deal with them. This means South Asia faces an unprecedented opportunity: a chance of ending poverty in a generation.


Tha South Asia Region at the bank has also recently launched two websites dealing with poverty and growth in the region. A lot of useful information at the tip of your fingers:

Poverty in South Asia

Growth in South Asia


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