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2006 Global Development Awards and Medals Competition

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Submissions are accepted for the forthcoming Annual Awards and Medals Competition oganized by the Global Development Network (GDN), which carries prizes in cash and travel of over US   $200,000.  Submissions can be for a new research proposal or for a completed research paper. The last day for submissions is September 17, 2006 .
Under each category, GDN welcomes submissions from all branches of the social sciences (Economics, Political Science, Sociology etc). Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary submissions are particularly encouraged. The finalists will present their papers and proposals at GDN’s Annual Global Development Conference in Beijing, China in January 2007.

  • Category 1 :   Global Health Concerns, Domestic Responses and Reforms
  • Category 2:   Reforms, Public Services and Poverty

  • Category 3:   Resource Flows in an Interdependent World: Implications of Changes in Demand and Supply
  • Category 4:   Changes in Global Trade: Causes and Consequences
  • Category 5:   Industrial Development and Long -Term Growth

Application criteria and guidelines available at GDN's site.