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Social Protection: the Role of Cash Transfers

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The International Poverty Centre's journal Poverty in Focus highlights in its June issue the importance of social protection in the fight against global poverty. Various authors write about social protection and cash transfers programs in different regions.

  • Targeting and universalism in poverty: are social benefits a basic right for all citizens or only for the truly needy and deserving?
  • Social protection for the poorest: a broad view of social protection for the poorest is presented, which envisages social protection as having both short- and long-term roles in poverty reduction, based on case study material
  • Income grants for all South Africans?: the implications of such a scheme are analysed, including both poverty reduction outcomes and the macro-economic feasibility
  • Cash transfers in Africa: a summary of an IPC study of conditional cash transfers in 15 African low-income countries, and a presentation of an unconditional cash transfer pilot scheme in Zambia
  • Employment guarantee laws in India: outline of new legislation promising employment for all poor households and the right to public information for full transparency, with an example of a similar initiative in Bangladesh
  • Conditional cash transfers in Latin America: what are the challenges and lessons from this region and are they transferable?
  • Social protection for pro-poor growth: a bilateral donor representative's view of the role of social protection in promoting pro-poor growth and poverty reduction, and how donors are working together with developing country partners for providing more effective support towards this end.

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