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Otaviano writes “Many argue that dependence on primary commodities has proved to be a poisoned chalice or curse for development” But some of us argue that the most poisonous element of that chalice, the true development cyanide, is when the income from the primary commodities turns into an excessive accumulation of power in the hands of any Central Government… making it therefore independently wealthy and causing it to see the citizens mostly as a nuisance. My thumb rule is that when a government receives more than four percent of GDP in revenues which have not passed through any taxpayer´s pocket, it becomes de facto a communist state. The sad cycle of resource rich nations with revenues centralized in the government has them suffering from the arrogance of their leaders when the prices of the commodity are high and of the lack of resources when the prices are low. Therefore it would be very interesting to see in a study like the one referred to herein more references on the significance on who decides on the use of the revenues generated by the natural resources.