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Most Bank work is US-centric, at least in its underlying ideological assumptions. After President Carter, US elites have been infected by a culture of insatiable greed, justified/rationalised by specious free market and other right wing ideologies, generated by prestigious business schools and economics depts. No institution can stand up to this kind of overwhelming force -- not just a life force like money, but also a societal and cultural force which enshrines money and the profit motive as the only "incentives". Just to highlight the cultural shift, it was inconceivable that Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Johnson or Carter would take large sums of money as "speaking" fees or trade on their offices in any way. Since then, no president has not traded aggressively on his office. The less said the better about self-dealing CEO and officer compensation, obliging boards, etc looting companies and shareholders under the guise of rewarding/retaining "talent" (a phrase unerringly picked up by the Bank's HR, slavish imitators...)