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Submitted by Ronald Luttikhuizen on
According to the estimations of Ravallion and Chen at present about 80% of Sub Sahara Africa is living below the 2.50 USD (PPP) a day. Their average consumption is slightly above the 1 USD a day. According to the UN projections the total population in SSA will increase with about 100% in the next 40 years. Where does this leave the nature? Clearly the pressure on nature will increase. Can we save the animals and the forests? Perhaps not. A solution can be to start leasing nature. When we start leasing large parts of African nature (flora and fauna) we pay these countries to preserve their nature. Such a lease shout be about 25 years, and to be renewed. The lease payments can be used for education, and the preservation of nature. This would stimulate all developing countries with natural areas to invest in maintaining these areas. Indicators of success can be to keep the same numbers of flora and fauna alive. This would create a basis for future tourism from western pensioners to these natural areas.It can be co-financed by selling shares in these lease contracts. The revenue is a reduction when visiting the parks. The Amazon area also can be leased. Such type of project can replace the Carbon Dioxide discussion and have the same effect. If this does not happen many animals will be killed and forests will be cut in the next 40 years.