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Absolutely but included in all the links is of course the Governments and that is a link that many want to look over because it is more convenient to do so. After Paul Collier had given his what to do about the curse speech in another place of WB I reminded him that some of us have heard exactly the same recipes before,… in my case at least when in 1974 I was appointed Diversification Manager in the brand new “Venezuela Investment Fund” set up to take care of the petrodollars flowing in, and in took me only 3 weeks to see that it was all basically a political sham… and so I left the same day the my brand new desk arrived. Paul Collier answered “Well really nothing is new!” adding in jest “except of course the Natural Resource Charter”. I sincerely believe that in order to deal better with the multifaceted problem of the oil curse the citizens need to take more direct control of the oil revenues, since a Government that is independently wealthy and therefore tempted to treat the citizens as nuisance, becomes almost by definition the weakest link