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Dear Sir, This is really a great opportunity for me to get WB weekly updating for every moves of an activity whereby I am very interesting so much. However, I am a business owner with very small scale in my country (Cambodia), but interesting to learn and banch marking for the future development and innovation to greater scale, thus I do hope my request will be considerable by WB particularly in business and trading facilities for better growth. I just want to post my questions for WB and would like to quoted if it is applicable for me from the; New Trade Strategy for a New Reality (job creation and sustainabile poverty reduction). The question are WHAT WILL BE THE FACTORS FOR WB TO ENSURE THE SUCCESS AND HOW TO MEASURE THE SUSTAINIBILITY IN THE LONG RUN? (because there so many actors who are playing this role which I am really concerning about sustainbility and ongoing progressivity). Hope my text above is understandable and want to hearing with goods explaination some time when it is possible. Best Regards, Chantha UY Cambodia