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Submitted by Laci on
Dear Otaviano, I found your article very interesting, but I do not really understand the content of the first two paragraphs. Is it about 2008 or 2012, and about the population of the whole world, or only about the developing part of the world? The numbers are strange. If we use data from 2008 (world pop.: 6.71 billion:, the 43% is 2.88 instead of 2.5, and 22% is 1.48 instead of 1.3. Or if it is only about the developing regions, it implies that the population of the developing countries is 5.81 billion - or 5,9 using the 22%-1,25 definition - (which means that the population of the developed world is only 0.9 billion or even less with the other definition of poverty - I have not found data for this, but I think it is too low). The results from my calculations for year 2012 is also different from the ones in your article. Have I misunderstood something? Looking forward to your answer! Best wishes, Laci from Hungary