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Fridays Academy (1): Economic Policies for Growth and Poverty Reduction

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The following is the introduction to Raj Nallari’s lecture notes on Growth and Poverty Reduction. These materials are part of courses delivered during the last two years to analysts and policy makers around the world. We will be posting these notes every week, in our Fridays Academy series.


The overarching aim of these notes is to provide a broad understanding of the policies that are needed to reduce poverty in developing countries. After describing basic poverty and national account relationships, and confirming that growth is the most critical factor in alleviating poverty, the study turns to individual policy areas. These include the various roles of government, including providing a backdrop for the effective operation of a market economy, and conducting fiscal policy. Policies covering monetary and exchange rate issues, the financial sector, trade, and institutional development are also covered in the study, focusing in particular on their relationship with economic growth and poverty alleviation.


Read the whole index and summary of the lecture notes.


Next Friday: what is Poverty and how do we measure it?

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