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Fridays Academy: Determining GDP

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As every Friday, we are posting a teaching note prepared by Raj Nallari and Breda Griffith.


This week we continue looking at National Income Accounts. The note explains three different approaches for determining the GDP:

  • The Production Approach to Measuring GDP

  • The Expenditure Approach to Measuring GDP
  • The Income Approach to Measuring GDP

The note also explains the difference between Nominal and Real GDP.


Read the whole note.


Next Friday: Business Cicles


Submitted by Pablo on
Very useful. Maybe also of interest:

Why the WB changed from GDP to GNI:,,contentMDK:20451503~menuPK:64133156~pagePK:64133150~piPK:64133175~theSitePK:239419,00.html

More on data changes:,,contentMDK:20173256~menuPK:64133156~pagePK:64133150~piPK:64133175~theSitePK:239419,00.html

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