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Fridays Academy: Gender Budgeting

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As usual on Fridays, from Raj Nallari and Breda Griffith's lecture notes.


Country Examples of Gender-Budgeting

Gender budgeting has been tried in over 40 countries from the mid-1980s, primarily at the national level but in some cases sub-nationally also. Gender-budgeting has predominantly focused on the expenditure side but some countries have focused on the revenue side.  The form of gender budgeting differs across countries reflecting their own particular circumstances.  Gender-budgeting has been undertaken by government in the executive or legislative branches and by civil society with international organizations playing a supportive role  Stotsky (2006) references Budlender and Hewitt (2002) as providing the most comprehensive survey on gender budgeting initiatives.  Her study also includes European sources. 

The attached table summarizes the initiatives in a number of countries, drawing on the work of Stotsky (2006).

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