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Fridays Academy: New Topics for Discussion

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We now enter the second part of our Fridays Academy series.


In upcoming weeks and, as always, using Raj Nallari and Breda Griffith's teaching notes, we will try to contribute to a deeper understanding of the areas that impact the lives of the poor. After describing the experience over the past several decades with development aid, which aims to place poor countries on a sustainable long-run growth path, we will turn to a discussion of external debt and how it became unsustainable in many low-income countries, crippling their growth potential and keeping millions in poverty. After that, we will examine areas that can hinder the movement of the poor out of poverty. These areas—education, health, labor markets and land —are core components of public policy that need to be addressed if poverty is to be addressed effectively.  Many developing countries lack the capacity to mobilize resources—administrative and financial—to achieve the necessary progress to move the poor out of poverty, calling for the active involvement of the international community.


Next Friday we will start looking at Development Aid, Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction.


We would like to encourage all our readers to post comments or questions related to our Fridays Academys postings (or to any posting in this blog). An online discussion on these topics among participants from all around the world would certainly enrich this knowledge-sharing experience.

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