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Global Development Finance report 2006

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The World Bank has launched its 2006 Global Development Finance report, focusing on the Development Potential of Surging Capital Flows.


See early posting today by our colleagues from PSD Blog.


See the press release and the press reviews.


Submitted by T Man on
The following statement in the 2006 Global Development Finance Report has me a little worried for personal reasons: "Global inflows into emerging market investment funds had already set an annual record by March this year, but there are concerns that the money flowing into local stock markets could be concentrated in a few better-known companies." Why am I worried? Because my investments in emerging market-focused funds have done quite well over the past year, and after reading that portion of the Report, I'm a bit concerned that the returns in those funds might take a downward turn. In any case, I'll have to watch them closely now and decide whether to stay put or to sell and move into other areas.

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