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The Growth Report

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The Commission on Growth and Development, an independent group of twenty-one leading practitioners from government, business and the policymaking arenas, released recently its final report The Growth Report: Strategies for Sustained Growth and Inclusive Development,which looks at how developing countries can achieve fast sustained and equitable growth.


Since 1950, 13 economies have grown at an average rate of 7 percent a year or more for 25 years or longer. At that pace of expansion, an economy almost doubles in size every decade. This report is about sustained, high growth of this kind: its causes, consequences, and internal dynamics.  One might call it a report on “economic miracles,” except that we believe the term is a misnomer. Unlike miracles, sustained, high growth can be explained and, we hope, repeated.




This is fashionable in thirld world economies to press for a growth target, thinking it will be a cure for all problems. In fact an unplanned and un monitored growth can be counter productive for certain countries. More important is that the governments while planning with a growth rate +5% should also look for the consequences of the after effects of the growth and ensure sustainability instead . By no means the social responsibilities of the government towards health, child care and education should be compromised as well as environmental issues to be adressed side by side. The report i find a balanced view and should be a reference document for all government

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A great report with a lot of information. The whole report can be summarized to one sentence which is in the report: "Increasingly, growth must spring from knowledge, innovation, and a deeper stock of physical and human capital." The problem is that poor countries have such a donor mentality that they are too lazy to do anything. On top of that, their embassy personnel in major developed nations are basically useless. They say, they do not need any knowledge, just money. How can you solve that?

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