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Advances in Development Economics

ADePT: a Great Software for Data & Analytical Reports

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ADePT, the Software Platform for Automated Economic Analysis, is a free program designed to simplify and speed-up the production of analytical reports. Created by the Research Department (DECRG) of the World Bank, it can be used to extract indicators from micro-level surveys and present them in a print-ready form. ADePT can generate sets of about 50 print-ready tables and graphs in different areas of economic analysis, and already includes, among others, modules on Poverty, Inequality, Labor, Gender, Education, Health, and Social Protection.

Fridays Academy: Urbanization and Growth

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Urban Land Management and Housing

It is not easy to control migration into a city. Therefore, cities become overcrowded with growing competition for space, mobility and resources. In the past 30 years the urban population in the Asian and Pacific region has increased by 560 million people (or 260 per cent) and in the next 30 years it is expected to increase by about 1,450 million people (or 250 per cent).

The Financial Crisis and its Impact on Developing Countries

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A new working paper by Stephany Griffith-Jones and José Antonio Ocampo, published by UNDP's International Poverty Centre, looks at the impact that the financial crisis is having on developing countries. The paper identifies three mechanisms that play a key role in spreading the consequences of the financial crisis to the developing world: remittances, capital flows and trade.