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Senior Policy Seminar on Managing Capital Flows and Growth in April 2010

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 What? Senior Policy Seminar on
“Managing Capital Flows and Growth
in the Aftermath of the Global Crisis”
When? April 27-30, 2010
Where? Paris, France

Tentative Agenda

Since 1998, the World Bank Institute’s Growth and Crisis Program has organized a "Senior Policy Seminar on Capital Flows" in Paris, France. This event was launched right after the 1997 Asian crisis, and has been delivered continuously since then. It is a fee-based event planned and jointly delivered with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the Bank of England, the Center for Pacific Basin Monetary and Economic Studies and Banque de France. Every year, this annual event brings together senior policymakers from countries around the world to reflect on global financial and economic issues, and review policy options.

This year’s delivery is scheduled for April 27-30, 2010. It will focus on “Managing Capital Flows and Growth in the Aftermath of the Global Crisis” and specific topics covered include: global challenges to growth and capital flows after the crisis, micro—and macro-prudential regulations, policy responses and impact by regions, and global outlook and policy options available to countries.

To apply for this fee-based event or for more information, please contact the course coordinator Hippolyte Fofack. More information, including a registration link, can be found on the seminar website.