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International Women's Day

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Today is International Women's Day.


A good day to remember that Gender Equality is not only desirable and fair per se, it is also Smart Economics, promoting growth and poverty reduction. (Full World Bank's Gender Action Plan)


Nicola Jones from ODI blog writes an interesting article about how to overcome Gender Fatigue.

But a smarter response would be to take occasions like International Women’s Day (March 8) to encourage school and university teachers to teach students about the history of the first and second wave women’s movements (in the North and South) and what these activists achieved, often at considerable personal and social cost. Too often there is a rather simplistic assumption that greater gender equality will simply follow economic development rather than being a dynamic process in which deliberate collective action efforts to reshape gender relations often play a critical role.


Submitted by Dr Naveed Shahban Ahmed on
Marie Stopes Society has commemorated International Women’s Day 2009 by “Free Camp” activity on more than 80 districts of Pakistan by providing free services. Marie Stopes Society (MSS) is a Social Enterprise working to provide choices in Reproductive Healthcare and helping to alleviate the root cause of many of the socio-economic problems in Pakistan. MSS provides comprehensive reproductive health information and services that include mother & child health and family planning services. MSS has launched a bilingual (English and Urdu) interactive website ( for creating awareness about the sexual and reproductive health rights amongst the youth and adult population. The will also provide FREE online councilor advice and professional advice by a doctor especially on sexual and reproductive health issues. Another initiative of MSS is a Toll Free Service helpline (0800 22333) all over the country on SRH issues. Anyone with access to a telephone anywhere within Pakistan can call up the MSS toll free number for counseling and referrals. We would appreciate your comments and suggestions to make the more informative to the viewers.

Submitted by shabana shahinshah adeel on
To the woman of substance-- The homemaker It was a brunch I was invited over by close family friends the other day, its there when I noticed what women in Asia are so accustomed of doing, it’s the talk of there in laws, husbands and children they are all involved in. It made me wonder how naïve are these Asian females as in an era of bombs and feuds and strikes and price inflations all they are still talking about is family. Is n't this being so family oriented? Irrespective of there social standing, there academic backgrounds they all are indulged in such less important issues .In Pakistan this has changed into an unforgivable trend that women are mostly just plain homemakers even though they had a professional past once. Its very understanding of them to give up all there independence to diaper changing and we should give them due credit on how indulged they are in house keeping that they don’t even cry over there carriers that they once had. Woman may seem like a puzzle to men and we may blame them for there maudlin attitude but isn’t that what we love most about them too, I guess all they want in the end of a very unproductive day is recognition applaud respect and an ear to listen to there side of the story. It's better than them fighting acrimoniously for there right. We should not take them for granted to the extent that there existence in any decision goes extinct. Be it in between the four walls of the house but she does her job flawlessly and adroitly with a lot of heart and effort irrespective of the monotony. It's because of her we get food to eat which is all tat we are running for the entire day her pandering sublimates the human in us. As children and husbands lets applaud the homemaker we owe our existence to, the one who doesn’t get overwhelmed by ennui, she is a woman of substance be it in a castle, a bungalow or shacks because she is the virtual shelter

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