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Internet course: Advanced Poverty Analysis

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Advanced Poverty Analysis: Poverty Dynamics (November 24 - December 15, 2008)

This ten-session on-line course on poverty analysis, delivered by the World Bank Institute over a period of three weeks, will emphasize the measurement and interpretation of poverty dynamics.

The course will be structured as follows:

    Week 1:        Review of the basics of poverty analysis.
    Week 1- 2:   The measurement and interpretation of poverty dynamics.
    Week 3:        The quantification and analysis of vulnerability to poverty.

Full description of the course.

Apply on-line. Closing date for accepting nominations is October 31st, 2008.


Submitted by Jens Andersson on
Dear Ignacio, will this course be offered again in 2009-2010? Please also reply to my e-mail if possible since I do not follow this blog regularly. Best regards, Jens Andersson, consultant

Submitted by Kenneth on
This is an interesting course. However, can't this be offered free? I am from the Philippines. I am eager to learn; albeit the financial side of education or training like this make it impossible for me to participate. This involves policy consideration indeed on the part of training institutions, the WB particularly. May I know if the fee can be waived so I could take this course. Thank you.

Submitted by BP Agrawal on
Kenneth, you would need to contact directly the organizers of this specific course. Their contact information is included in the full-description of the course. Best regards, Ignacio

Submitted by BP Agrawal on
Dear Jens, I am not organizing this course, but my guess is that it will be done next year again. I suggest you write directly to Shahid Khandker, Course Director, to see when it will be organized again. His contact information is in the description of the course. Best regards, Ignacio

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