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Moving Out of Poverty

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Moving out of Poverty


The book Moving Out of Poverty: Cross Disciplinary Perspectives on Mobility was launched today at the World Bank in Washington with a Keynote Address by Charles Tilly, author of one of the chapters.


Edited by Deepa Narayan and Patti Petesch, this book "explores the topic of poor people’s mobility from the perspectives of diverse analytic traditions, country contexts and time horizons. The authors -- leading scholars and development practitioners from the fields of anthropology, economics, political science, and sociology -- not only critically examine the literature about poverty and mobility from their disciplines, but most contribute new conceptual models and evidence from their own works about how and why some people can escape poverty while many stay trapped."

(chapters summary)


This book is part of the broader project Moving Out of Poverty, a follow-up to Voices of the Poor. This global study aims to learn retrospectively from men and women who have moved out of poverty over the last decade.

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