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Primary education in the developing world: are children learning adequately?

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The World Bank's Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) has just released a new report on the bank's work on education. 


The report covers bank support to primary education in the developing world, especially since the beginning of the Education for All movement in 1990.  It shows that with the help of the World Bank countries have placed high priority on increasing enrollments in primary schools, but have directed less attention to the crucial issue of whether children are learning adequately.


The report recommends that countries, the World Bank and other development partners give the same emphasis to learning outcomes as to access, so that the world's increasing investments in primary education have a far greater impact on poverty reduction and national development.    


The full report is available on-line.


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Submitted by mark on
i still doubt that primary education in developing countries is being left behind .... Few well know faces are trying to spoil the system for their own bebefit.

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