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Stiglitz on Globalization

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Joseph Stiglitz's new book "Making Globalization Work" is out. Some of the first reviews are not too positive.


The New York Times reviewed it last week:


IF a prize in politics were awarded for self-righteousness, Joseph E. Stiglitz, despite stiff competition, might be near the top of the list.


And the Economist does it this week:


“Making Globalisation Work” is not a bad book but it arrives after books that are better. Jagdish Bhagwati's arguments are more convincing (“In Defence of Globalisation”), Paul Blustein's reporting is more reliable (“And the Money Kept Rolling In and Out”) and Martin Wolf provides a better guide to the economic research (“Why Globalisation Works”). That Mr Stiglitz, a great and original theorist, should spend his time writing a “me-too” globalisation book rather proves his point that markets sometimes misallocate resources.


Pienso blogs about it and includes links to more reviews and interviews with Mr. Stiglitz.


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