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World Bank launches the Africa Catalytic Growth Fund

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The World Bank launched recently the Africa Catalytic Growth Fund (ACGF). Its goals:


To provide rapid, targeted support to countries with credible programs to accelerate growth, poverty reduction, and attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).


The fund is designed to complement efforts by African leaders and Africa’s international partners to respond to the diversity of experience across the continent, using an innovative approach.


The ACGF can be a key tool for scaling up aid, in a harmonized and effective way. The ACGF is highly selective, focusing on a few countries at a time where an infusion of capital can scale up the achievement of results by supporting results focused programs, catalyzing efforts by developing partners, and identifying opportunities for demonstrable impacts and spillover effects.


The fund's main targets are:

  • Removing binding constraints to growth.

  • Tackling the hard to reach MDGs.
  • Strenghthening regional integration.

More information in their web site.

ACGF brochure.

ACGF board report.


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