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Yogurt or cucumber? Two new books on Poverty

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Two books on poverty and social business recently published. The Economist reviews them in the interesting Yogurt or Cucumber?

Creating a World Without Poverty: Social Business and The Future of Capitalism, by Muhammad Yunus, and Out of Poverty: What Works When Traditional Approaches Fail, by Paul Polak.


Submitted by Dr Diarra on
Many strategies are offered to mitigate poverty in Mali my country but all approaches do not take in count communities or socities civil particition for ex the micro-bank in rural contex for women is a grant advatage for them to mitigate families charge , it is aso necessery to put mutualism participation of population in health indicators .

All the books on this subject are really interesting. These new ones surely are interesting, too. The Problem is not to understand the problem and to think of solutions - it is to act.

I have heared this alot and I think it is true, that people have to keep focusing on the solution. Even tho this seems impossible at times. Anyways, I have read the Economists Review for a bit and I think I am going to buy Yunus`s Book, the other one seems interesting too. I never read anything about Muhammad Yunus before and now I am glad that I stumbled over this book thanks to your Blog. Cheers

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