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Submitted by Olga on
Patricio, yes, I agree that everyone interested in development should see this film. As a further recommendation, here is the link to the review in the New Yorker:¤tPage=all The New Yorker review is entitled "Call the Doctor". This does not really capture the desired response, however. It is actually helpful to "Call the Vets". Controlling the disease in animals is far cheaper and more effective. If that piggery in Quangdong (that supplied a pig for the party at the glitzy casino where Gwyneth Paltrow celebrated the business deal) had been told it had to have higher biosecurity standards, the bats would not have been allowed near the pigs. A health inspection before the pigs left the enterprise could have identified the diseased pig. Raising animal health standards in developing countries is urgent, especially with the rapidly growing livestock production there, and will yield huge "global public good" benefits. As the film shows, once the disease is spreading in the human population, there is relatively little that even a well-resourced medical system can do before there is a vaccine. This will take many months ... and it will be even longer before a vaccine is available in sufficient quantities (maybe never) and distributed.