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Submitted by Olga on
The Contagion film is very good, indeed. It has so many livesaving messages that it's hard to know where to start. Yes, agree that everyone should go and see it and think why things are happening as portrayed. Looking at the last scene of the film, where it's shown why the horrible pandemic started at all, one can begin to see the solutions, how the horrendous costs can be prevented or mitigated. In short, it's a man-made problem (no women in eviddence, but that's not the point). If it's man-made, it can be solved, especially if the returns are so high. Veterinary standards have to be dramatically improved if we want to keep the globalized economy we have. The diseases that span animals and humans can end up in no-man's land, nobody's responsibility. One Health approach would have helped prevent the pandemic in the movie by controlling the infection at the animal source instead of letting it get out of hand in the human population. It's possible, maybe not 100% but far better than the 0% we are living with now. Tomorrow is world rabies day. This unnecessary epidemic is another example where One Health approaches can help avoid unnecessary deaths and costs. Also very educational, like the film: