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Submitted by Ezeanochie Nnamdi on
Interesting read,Most of the funding on Tuberculosis research has been focused on drug provision and research, but it has failed to lay adequate emphasis on the underlying problem which is poverty. A study from Baum (2008) showed that hygiene and sanitation alone was responsible for reducing the tuberculosis mortality rate of the United Kingdom, from 4000 to 250 per annum before the intervention of the BCG vaccine. Therefore it can be argued that a holistic approach to tuberculosis control with emphasis on improving living standards should be implemented. Policies to scale up sanitation practices should be drawn up and commenced side by side with ongoing medical interventions as a means of accelerating the reduction of the disease burden. The rationale behind this is that by the time international funding ends, the disease burden will be low enough to be controlled by the nation’s government, especially in the global south.