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Submitted by Ezeanochie Nnamdi on
A nice read Patrico. This goes to show that with the right commitment from all stake holders, the application of science and economics can help save humanity. However, the reasons for slow pace of this "simple" merger are because of the various barriers that still challenge development work especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. These barriers span from weak governance in a locality, to the poor handling of water projects by community members. Although most critics blame these issues on the use of inappropriate technology and a poor needs assessment, my observation is that people in poor resource areas seem to have contextual factors that prevent them from having a full understanding of the value of these projects, even when people enjoy its benefits. These contextual factors, presently may surpass the knowledge of developers, therefore, more focus on qualitative research may help in this case. Overall, the reality is that even areas designated as having access to safe water, may presently not be true; Taps may have been damaged ,wells re-contaminated and water facilities abandoned. The complexities development work faces must be evaluated to ensure a TRUE and steady progress