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Submitted by Roverto (Manila , Philippines) on
This is a wonderful article and a cute video. But I wonder why any developing country would need the World Bank for this and go into debt for essentially current expenditures on care for the sick. Would it not be more strategic if the World Bank only financed prevention of disease? Maya would be safe but not all the other ideas in the article, This would be a true investment for us, The article never mentions preventing diseases. As in: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? The World Bank sure can make a better living financing" the pound of cure"? But for the client country, prevention would make a much better return for money, make people more healtry and productive, and would help govenment budget. It would be interesting to know why World Bank never mentions prevention of diseases and only more money for curing. The type of endeavors Dr Baeza describe in the article are charity for the people who are ill now because the World Bank did not finance prevention 10 or 20 years ago. Charity is necessary, but the work belongs best to charities. I expected World Bank to have a strategy for better health and not one for more health ministry spending on charity systems. Maybe I am wrong and missed strategy thinking and systems for diseases prevention in the article.