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Submitted by Patricio V Marquez on
Thanks for your comments. Indeed, the ABC set does contribute to HIV prevention. Please see my comments above on the value of voluntary, medical male circumcision. Perhaps some clarification is required on your comments. On one hand, the blog highlights the need for developing new strategies to promote demand and utilization of essential health services not only by facilitating access but more importantly by generating acceptance and support for the programs among governments, political parties and communities--the later is critical to overcome social and cultural norms and political opposition that may hinder their implementation and sustainability. On the other hand, the blog argues for population-wide prevention measures, which aims to change disease-related risk behaviors, environmental factors, and their social and economic determinants in an entire population. Accumulated evidence at the international level indicates that measures such as some of those included in the WHO-Framework Convention On Tobacco Control, are highly cost-effective for disease prevention and control.