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Submitted by Juan Cervantes on
Dear Meera, While the diversity of approaches to development issues in all parts of the world becomes a challenge in itself, that's the only way countries, institutions and communities have been able to come up with solutions even if of local scale in some cases. It's been proven again and again that one size fits all approach has never worked out in development. Why is it that development agencies find hard to understand that even within relatively small community settings there are huge differences that prevent a single model to perform homogenously? A "common platform" for every single health intervention is not going to resolve a myriad disparate problems. Trying to push the idea that totally diverse health problems such as malaria, TB and malnutrition can be addressed through "simple plug-and-play apps” is overly narrow and simplistic, and it reflects a poor understanding of public health in particular and of socioeconomic development challenges in general. On the other hand, why is it that the World Bank and other development agencies seem to continue obsessed with technologies (ICTs in this case) as the light at the end of the tunel, when it's been shown long ago that what prevents countries from moving forward are factors of purely human nature? Until governments and societies in developing countries realize that they need to change the way they educate their citizens, the way they elect their leaders, the way elected leaders work for the interests of the entire society and the way society participates in every step of the process, their reality wil pretty much remain unchanged, despite rossy indicators.