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Submitted by Rudi Samoszynski on

Your comments are valid. The numerous vertical programmes going on in a developing country makes it very difficult for the country to take control by completing a comprehensive national HMIS initiative. Many countries have problems putting appropriate HIS policies in place. There are many situational analyses and strategic plans etc. that too often really don't go far, and what does get implemented if sidelined by vertical programming needs.

I wonder if a consortia of donors together with the government can collaborate on implementing national and comprehensive HMIS? There may be "turf wars" over indicators etc., but at the end of the day all will utilize the HMIS and government will have more effective say and control.

There certainly is a better climate of donor collaboration and communication than in the past, but still only a lot of lip service to real HMIS developments beyond pilots and strategies.

There are very many local pockets of HMIS success that rarely translate into expansion, this results in no real net benefit to the country as a whole. Why is this so?