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Submitted by Patricio V Marquez on
Thanks for your good comments Saul. Indeed, as you clearly pointed out, a common denominator in a large number of countries is the existence of multitudes of data sets to measure the performance of programs or of international funded projects without any relation or connection, and often this is done at the top of the national information systems. So duplication is the name of the game, and the lack of standards for coding, recording and reporting is a common reality. Another factor that complicates the problem is the weak national structures that are responsible for the coordination of data collection, processing and dissemination, particularly for evidence based policy decisions and monitoring and evaluation of the impact of investments and activities. So the development of unified electronic HMIS systems is needed to bring together over time health program and service delivery data, financial flows data, and human resources and other inputs data. To tho this, a fully funded and sequenced action plan is required as this is not an overnight task.