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Submitted by Hana Ross on
I was very excited to learn about the recent tobacco control policy development in the Russian Federation. Researcher at the International Tobacco Control Research Program (ITCR) of the American Cancer Society (ACS) helped to generate some of the information that Russian policy makers considered when voting on this tobacco bill. ACS conducts and supports global cancer control research with a particular focus on saving lives through tobacco control. Russia can benefit not only from the analysis provided by the ITCR, but also from data we assembled for the 4th edition of the Tobacco Atlas ( The chapters on tobacco prices and taxes clearly demonstrate that Russia lagged behind most of the world when it comes to the level of cigarette excise taxes. I hope that this new law is the beginning of new era in which tobacco excise taxes will be used not only for revenue generation, but also for achieving public health objectives by lowering tobacco consumption in Russia.