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Submitted by Patricio V Marquez on
Thanks for your comments Olivia. As you indicate, countless of lives are being put at risk everyday simply by smoking or being close to a person who smokes or by being in an indoor area where people smoke--e.g., a restaurant, a movie theater, or a hospital. Tobacco smoke pollution, also known as secondhand smoke is a mixture of over 4,000 chemicals released from burning cigarettes. This deadly mixture includes over 250 toxic or cancer-causing chemicals. Exposure to tobacco smoke causes a wide range of immediate and long-term health effects. The only effective way to protect against secondhand smoke is to have 100% smoke-free laws. Partial and voluntary measures will not work! Effective implementation and enforcement of comprehensive smoke-free laws as it is the stated goal under the new law adopted in Russia– banning smoking in all indoor locations – can significantly prevent second hand smoking exposure and prevent the harmful effects from it.