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Submitted by Olga on
Patricio, very nice expose! The system in any country affects not just the residents of that country, but also everyone else because of trade and travel. With the ongoing spread of H7N9 avian flu infections, there is much coverage of the capacities in China (when it's not an emergency, nobody seems to care or we are OK with living dangerously). So, on China the following appeared: " The operational budget for China’s CDC is now about 100 million yuan ($16 million), compared with a few million yuan a decade ago, according to the center’s Feng. Still, the country lags behind the U.S. in terms of human resources: Feng’s national health emergency team has about 30 people, compared with more than 800 people in similar roles at the U.S. CDC. " (Bloomberg, April 8) China has 1.4 billion people -- and a team of 30 to deal with national emergency of contagious disease outbreak. The disparity in veterinary capacity is even more stark. This makes no sense since pathogens know no borders. Also, the economic losses in just one week are reported $1.6 billion, due to people's fearful reactions (losses are not due to the disease itself, which has killed 16 people so far). A transformational regional/global approach to contagion is warranted.