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Submitted by Olga on

I agree with you. The benetit-cost ratio is so high for several reasons, including: (1) there are weak links in the system, so the "last-mile" investments in public health capacities have extraordinarily high returns; (2) cooperation between veterinary and human public health systems is inadequate, so investment in this weak link also has high returns; (3) contagion spreads exponentially so there is a huge benefit to early action to contain it; and (4) there is now much scientific knowledge about contagion (how to detect and diagnose and contain) and how it spreads but this knowledge has not yet informed policy making and allocation of resources. As for the post-MDG goals, the background paper has some ideas about the kind of goals that could make sense. Goals are useful if they translate into incentives for the various actors to work together and start to close the dangerous gaps in defenses against pathogens.