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Submitted by Rob Yates on

Regarding the emphasis given to attaining UHC in the Lancet Commission report, it was in fact one of 4 key conclusions presented in the report. Available here

and here is the introduction to the relevant conclusion:

"Conclusion 4: progressive universalism is an efficient way to achieve health and financial protection.

UHC — usually achieved through public prepayment of most of the cost of insuring health services for a country’s population — offers the promise of financing health gains and providing health security while minimizing the financial risks to households of excessive health expenditures. The Commission endorses two progressive pathways towards UHC that are pro-poor from the outset."

Furthermore in addition to the Lancet Commission and the World Bank, many other agencies and consultation exercises are recommending that UHC be incorporated into a post-2015 health goal. This includes:

The World Health Organisation:

Oxfam International:

and not forgetting the December 2012 United Nations Resolution on UHC which was passed unanimously: