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Submitted by Sidie Sheriff on

Just yesterday in Sierra Leone the Minister of Health confirmed that the country’s the lead medical doctor for Ebola and related diseases Sheikh Umar Khan has been tested positive for and is under treatment for the deadly disease. Same day, three nurses undergoing Ebola treatment died.
This has raised some valid questions:
1. If doctors, nurses and medical staff are themselves infected by Ebola - where should citizens now go for treatment when ill - even if their illnesses are not Ebola related?

2. Where are the Ebola deaths occurring most - is it at the hospitals/health centers or at homes? If the deaths are mostly in the hospitals and those included in the death toll are medical staff - is this really an incentive for people to go for treatment?

3. If there are so many untested and suspected Ebola victims running away from treatment, are they dying as much as those dying under treatment?

4. If not, are the prevailing citizens' suspicions against the high risks in treatment not justified?

5. Under what conditions are patients coercively put under high antibiotic treatment for Ebola? Hungry? Tired? Sick of other diseases ? Travelled ?

6. What are the names of the drugs administered on them and what are the contraindications and allergies associated with the treatment medications?

7. Are patients given oxygen masks when quarantined? How do they breathe inside the plastic sacs?

8. Is coercing Ebola suspects for treatment a better policy over persuading them with information about treatment benefits and risks?