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Submitted by Achu Lordfred on

Great write-up Michel! Thanks for putting this together and for sharing. I agree with you that the community must play a crucial role to stop the Ebola epidemic. All Ebola outbreaks have their peculiarities and one of those peculiarities with this current outbreak which has claimed so many lives and has been classed as second to that of West Africa in terms of lives lost, is actually the community resistance and hostility towards health staff and the burning down of treatment centers.
The gate keepers, women's groups, in fact every single community member in the affected and high risk localities of infection by Ebola need to be convinced that the disease is real, it can be prevented, it can be cured and that it is not an invention.
Statistics from the epidemiology of the disease pointing to many women affected by the disease as they play their role of mothers, care givers must be used in the efforts to getting women to report without delay any signs of illness in their family members and loved ones and also to comply with vaccination as well as infection control methods at all levels.
Thanks again for this great reflection and for sharing. Together with the community we must win the fight against Ebola.