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  • Reply to: A personal perspective from the medical care frontlines   5 days 3 hours ago

    Best wishes to Lani and the family.

    I am touched by your personal story and send best wishes for full and speedy recovery to Lani. She was also lucky to have a supportive family around her to help her cope with the emergency.

    Your story also reinforces an aspect of Universal Health Coverage that is also often forgotten. As we push ahead, rightly, on population level prevention policies, we also need to remember the importance of excellence and timeliness in response to acute emergencies. Many of the premature deaths targeted in the SDGs are avoidable by addressing emergency responses to stroke, myocardial infarction, injury. Thanks for raising this issue in your blog, Patricio, and for your family’s generosity in turning personal pain into a lesson for all.

  • Reply to: Financing the health systems of the future: A proposed framework for including non-communicable diseases   1 week 4 hours ago

    Thank you for these comments.

    We agree that the context of LICs is unique, and we address these country groups in the framework explicitly. Roadmaps for NCD financing in these context will need to be tailored to the severe resource constraints and be consistent with the vision for health sector development each country has. Additionally, some of the solutions offered in the blog at the end, in the context of the private sector, are actual examples of strategies being offered in India, Kenya, etc. Though these are LMICs, they could be explored in some LICs as well. It's true that the very low resource availability contexts in most LICs make the situation more complicated and we will need their NCD financing roadmaps to agree on how to prioritize and who to prioritize NCD-related care for.

  • Reply to: A personal perspective from the medical care frontlines   1 week 3 days ago

    Firs, I hope Lani will make a full functional recovery and that you and the family will have the strength and faith to accompany her on the journey. Thanks for sharing the personal story which points up eloquently and poignantly the gaps -the inequity across the world. I suppose this drive for reducing these gaps is what moves you and me. As we say appropriately "keep the faith"

  • Reply to: A personal perspective from the medical care frontlines   1 week 4 days ago

    Patricio, We are immensely grateful and privileged to have read your vivid rendition of your family's unforeseen tragedy and trauma coupled with a modern health system's rapid response, your family's solidarity and spirituality. May Lani's healing and recovery continue unimpeded and may she and you together with your children and extended family be blessed with many wonderful years together. Prompt access to excellent care saved Lani's life. Fifty percent of the world's population have no access to care. Total Health for All in the 21st Century must be one of our global community's top priorities. Abrazos, Eliot

  • Reply to: A personal perspective from the medical care frontlines   1 week 4 days ago

    Thanks for sharing this private experience. Indeed, UHC is very important. I come from the Republic of Congo, a small country of about 5 millions people in Central Africa. My mother passed away five months ago because the local medical system is not equipped and they could not save her from a brain hemorrhage. My family was able to ensure a good medical insurance for her, she had been taken to the best clinic in the country, but being financially able is useless in a country where medical care system is so weak... Ae still have a long way to go in Africa. There is no need to have doctors coming from the best universities in Europe or overseas, if our local system is not equipped for them to express the talent acquired from the universities abroad...