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Submitted by Amparo on
Good paper and useful for the purpose of advancing the OGD agenda in the developing world. Only missing thing is data quality (data catalog, metadata, calendar, etc) without which users will loose interest as soon as they realize the data is not reliable, untimely, or lacks other quality attributes. For a uninitiated, OGD and data transparency are often confused. People generally don't understand how they differ. So, tactically, giving examples of data transparency, virtuous as those may be, may act against our interest of promoting OGD. I think that beyond the technical and legal definitions we need to give concrete, practical examples of what is possible to do with OGD that is not possible to do without it, even if data is transparent. I suggest to merge stages 1 and 6 in the "design" loop (page 9). In my mind, the sustainabilty triggers the opportunity. I would also tone down the "theory of change" parts. While I agree that those considerations are important, they may seem too daunting to the uninitiated. Overall it is very nice and should be added to our knowledge repository. Thank you.