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Submitted by Jennifer_Shkabatur on
Dear Michael, Many thanks for your feedback. It would indeed be great to expand the document in the directions you specify and make the recommendations more detailed. The role of mobile phones is particularly important in this respect, as mobile penetration is very high in many developing countries and mobile phones can serve as an effective method for citizen engagement around open data. The Kenyan Budget Tracking Tool, which is discussed in the note, is just one example of such citizen engagement (it shows how mobile phones can help disseminate structured budgetary information to civil society groups working in remote Kenyan villages). The challenge of OGD in fragile states and difficult environments is another key aspect that should be further discussed. Important lessons can be learnt in this respect from various crowdsourcing initiatives in fragile states (for more information, see e.g., an World Bank report on the Role of Crowdsourcing for Better Governance in Fragile Sates: Thank you again for your comments, Jennifer