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Submitted by Jennifer_Shkabatur on
Dear Greta, Many thanks for your feedback and for discussing the how to notes on your blog. Capacity building and data literacy are highly important for the effectiveness of any open data policy and they certainly should be part of any OGD implementation agenda. Similarly to other cases of transparency policies, the role of civil society groups seems to be central in this respect, as they are the most likely capacity builders and intermediaries between open data and local communities. In line with the general open government data debate, the how to note targets data possessed and released by governments. However, you are absolutely right to note that this data may well be missing - governments may not collect important types of data and thus an effective open data policy should encourage the collection and analysis of data from non-governmental sources as well. As private industry actors may possess in some cases publicly important data, the OGD movement should target them as well. A recent article by Archon Fung and David Weil makes this precise point: Many thanks again for your helpful insights, Jennifer