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The Open Technology Institute (OTI) finds that Gigler’s application of the capabilities framework is an effective and meaningful way to evaluate ICT projects beyond technical and large-scale economic development. However, the paper does not describe the way a program could use the framework to plan an evaluation in concrete terms; the case studies provided only show general applicability. Specific examples of how an agency could tailor the framework for evaluating a given program along with sample indicators or indices would be helpful, since the ideas presented in the paper are mostly conceptual. For example, how does one measure the construct of “ICT Capacity Building” in practical terms? Do programs need to include all of the constructs presented in the framework or can they select a subset of ideas? Practical guidance for how to use the framework is an important next step to enable programs to start using the framework on the ground. As the external evaluator and documentor for Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) projects in Philadelphia and Detroit, Open Technology Institute (OTI) has developed an approach similar to Sen’s “capabilities framework” in designing our program evaluations. Please read our blog post written in response to this paper for more comments and recommendations: Thanks, Open Technology Institute New America Foundation Washington D.C.