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This is an excellent piece of work. It goes a long way to building ICTs into the engagement process. My suggestions: Ensure each engagement has clear objectives : be clear about the purpose of the engagement, who the engagement activity is for and what you hope to achieve by it - and what can change as a result. Privacy - ensure that whatever tool you use meets data standards and requirements of the country that you're operating in. With partnerships, ensure there's a shared understanding of data security and what it means. Roles and responsibilites will change according to what ICT tool is chosen. Ensure staff and participants know how to manage and provide feedback. As per the above comment,set expections of what will change based on feedback and what will not. The processes must be seen to have integrity. The type of engagement will impact on the ICT tool thats used (ie. is information provision, two way engagement, information gathering etc) Ensure that tool used matches the requirements of the engagement activity. Upfront, define ICTs and define engagement and the types of engagement ICTs can facilitate.