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  • Reply to: Using Open Data to drive innovation, collaboration and change in India   5 days 16 hours ago

    Please check the data sets on for India related data being made open by government and for the datasets made open by World Bank

  • Reply to: The rise of Open Data in Kazakhstan   6 days 1 hour ago

    While sanctioning financial aid/assistance funding agencies must review Govt's past record & quantified commitment plan of implementation of E-government & interactive Govt portals

  • Reply to: Discussing India's Open Data Initiative: where next?   1 week 4 days ago

    India's PM Modi is committed to give Good Governance supported by digital revolution & disciplining bureaucracy.It is opportunity for international funding agencies to demand reforms for poverty removal & empowerment by quality education

  • Reply to: Can urban innovation ecosystems be developed with little broadband infrastructure?   2 weeks 2 days ago

    Very informative article indeed. You have raised a very interesting question on whether the innovation ecosystems can be developed with minimal broadband infrastructure or not?

    Yes it can, but the applications will be limited to what these technologies can offer. As stated in your article, the SMS and USSD technologies are being used in various African countries in rural areas with limited to no-internet connectivity. I believe the growth of the Kenyan technology industry has been boosted by the availability of the broadband backbone and the vision that drives it. MPESA and Usahidi are great examples and are being replicated in other countries such as Uganda and Rwanda. However to really empower the urban and rural areas a strong commitment and vision is required to provide broadband and mobile access to these developing economies which would make a tenfold difference in success. Governments are reluctant or facing hurdles to invest in fibre optics and there is still some resistance to broadband from the mobile operators and ISPs so that the costs can be kept high. Obviously this strategy won’t work in the longer run and the telcos need to understand the vast services they can provide through the fibre optics network and the reduction of costs would infact increase their consumer base.

    To conclude I would say that governments in developing countries need to invest in acquiring good bandwidth and help telcos with the regulation stuff to increase their coverage to really make a difference.

  • Reply to: Makers and education, part one: how are disruptive technologies affecting the way we educate?   1 month 2 days ago

    Great article. Technology can do so much to help our kids learn in ways that we can't have imagined growing up. Resources for teachers are growing daily making the future exciting and daunting simultaneously. The possibilities to refine and expand a curriculum for classes and individual students potentially makes learning an incredibly involving experience. Looking forward to the next article.