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Welcome back – here’s some of the interesting things I read while on break

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It’s Time Again for Submissions for our Annual Blog Your Job Market Paper Series

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We are pleased to launch for the third year a call for PhD students on the job market to blog their job market paper on the Development Impact blog.  We welcome blog posts on anything related to empirical development work, impact evaluation, or measurement. For examples, you can see last years series. We will follow the same process laid out by Berk last year, which is as follows:

IO and Development Part 3: Where are some opportunities for work intersecting these areas?

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The first two posts on this topic this week have looked at the gap in the use of IO in development, and some possible reasons why IO tools might not be used as much. Today, the final post in my Q&A with Dan Keniston [DK] and Katja Seim [KS], looks at where there might be low-hanging fruit from better use of methods from IO in development.

Why don’t we see more work at the intersection of IO and Development? Part Two - methods

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Yesterday’s Q&A with Dan Keniston [DK] and Katja Seim [KS] looked at whether there was a gap in the use of IO methods in development, and for some examples of good work at this intersection of fields. Today I ask about a couple of reasons why we don’t see as much work in this area.